About Us

Perfectly designed websites with effective performance, designed & powered by Digicoms.
Digicoms specialises in IT consultancy services & developing customised websites. We have extensive experience in designing websites that benefit startups & existing small businesses. We have a large client base around the world which has profited from our IT services.

A website is a company's digital shop front that leads to additional streams of revenue. With an ever-growing digitally-focused consumer base, businesses need to respond to digital consumer needs with a web, social & mobile presence.

A website is a promotional vehicle for a company. We at Digicoms are committed to creating solutions that meet your company requirements, with responsive & market leading solutions.

We further boost websites with our marketing services, which will generate natural SEO traffic for your business.

We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our happy customers, & grow as they grow!

Digicoms has a large client base around the world

Unrivalled Support Service

Our clients are our top priority. It is of key significance for us that our clients are satisfied, & are reaping as many benefits from our services as possible. But we rest assured in the knowledge that our employees are qualified & always determined to help.

We believe that a reliable support system acts as one of the most important building units of any organisation. Our Customer Support team is always just a call away to help you with your queries. We are providing the highest level of customer service to our clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Whether there is a query you want answered, or a complaint you want to register, the Customer Support team at Digicoms will assume responsibility in maintaining client satisfaction.


Our story

With over 15 years’ experience in building technical solutions for clients all around the globe, we get it & we want to help! We know that technology moves fast. We know that there is a new IT provider in town, every other month. We know that the technology choices you make for your business will really impact the way you do things in the future, & the way your business is able to grow & scale.

We will be able to support you throughout, from the smallest technical tasks to most complicated solutions as your business grows.

Coronavirus has been making rounds all over the globe now. Businesses have collapsed left & right because they didn’t have an online presence, or didn’t respond to the new digital order. Considering the prolonged economic impacts of the pandemic, Digicoms has come up with a solution to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. A business having an online reach can be very appealing because it doesn’t face the obstacles that new ventures usually do.

Moreover, for some online businesses, COVID-19 has opened a window of opportunity by doubling their growth rates! Digicoms aims to provide you limitless freedom to grow your start-ups, or established operations into well-flourished businesses. We typically build websites from a single web page, which are designed to fit the needs of our customers & are easy to update because of our customer-centric promises.