Social Media Marketing

Today’s day & age is ruled by social media. There are not many who do not have access to it. Just like it is smarter to carry a banner in a crowd instead of a couple of people, it would be a waste to not take advantage of a platform that offers you global, non-exclusive reach. Enter: Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Advertising with the use of social media platforms is basically how social media marketing is defined. While it sounds fairly simple, it is an integral part of online marketing, & one of the most effective tools to boost brand awareness.

Around 3.8 billion people around the world use social media. Employing it as a space for marketing techniques thus does not only bring you in touch with a large audience, but allows for one-on-one connection with your target demographic. This makes it a useful platform for engaging with your audience & getting to hear their opinions. That way, you will be able to get a direct response to your offers, marketing approach & performance; which can help you understand your demographic better, & devise strategies more relevant & appealing to them, aka social media optimisation.

Major social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Some of the perks of using social media as a marketing platform include:

  • Social media allows the company to listen to the audience it wants to target
  • It is an approachable platform to share the brand’s story
  • It makes the provision of customer services better & easier
  • It helps direct referral traffic
  • It provides a useful space for a call to action
  • The employment of social media for advertising ensures user-centered content
  • It helps boost brand recognition
  • Social media marketing provides a targeted approach & enables the brand to employ user-based ads

The Process of Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it: if a website is not easily accessible, you normally wouldn’t waste clicks on searching for more. So, bringing your site in the top results is supremely important for your position in the digital market. This is what makes Search Engine Optimisation so significant.

Further benefits of SEO include, but are not limited to:


It is important for us that our clients get only the best, according to their preferences. That is why, the first step we take to building your brand’s social media presence is understanding what your brand stands for. Being one of the leading social media marketing agencies in the UK, we typically begin with social media optimisation. We will primarily discuss & weed out the elements that make you stand out, how your brand identifies itself, & what story it is trying to relay to its audience. Moreover, we will ensure thorough knowledge of your key demographic, so as to create an aesthetic for your social media forums that not only defines your brand but also resonates with your audience. These sessions might involve inquiries into what your advertising goals are, which social media platforms you would want to focus on, the content you would want to share, etc. After exhaustive research & the complete satisfaction of our client, we will move towards the formulation of a marketing strategy that best agrees with our client’s choices. In the unlikely event that the client does not give us the green signal, we will continue to brainstorm until we find a plan that perfectly caters to their preferences.


The next step will involve our team setting up your social media accounts & publishing relevant content in accordance with a predefined content strategy. It is important to publish consistently, so our team will ensure that you never run out of content, keeping you relevant & constantly present for your audience. It may include sharing an image and/or video, or even publishing a blog post.

Listening & Engagement

With all said & done, it is significant to keep the consumer in mind. Our team ensures that your clients feel like they are heard & that your brand realises their importance. For that, we will keep an eye out for how your consumers react on your social media forums. Monitoring social media conversations relevant to your brand will help you formulate a further response- whether the brand needs to correct or to continue a service or product.


Based off of the data our team collects, they will continue to advertise your brand with relevant, targeted ads. Social media platforms give you a vast outreach, & can help you target your audience based on their demographics, interests, etc. We will establish a familiarity between your audience & your brand through content & responses to said content, & formulate the most strategic & targeted ads to complete the loop.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years. What started out as a place to broadcast content & direct traffic to websites has become a marketing platform in & of itself. Budget-friendly & providing a massive outreach for brands, it would be a waste of opportunity to miss out on a marketing forum that so easily & so strongly connects the brand & its audience.

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