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Front-End Development

What is front-end development?

Alternatively termed “client-side development”, front-end development is the implementation of web design through the conversion of data to a graphical interface, producing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript so that users can view and interact directly with that data. It is where the entire web has to link to, and so is the most significant part of web development.

The functions for which front-end development is primarily used on include the building of responsive websites in accordance with the requirements of the modern audience, upgrading the outlook and representation of a company, development of UI and UX designs, the creation of tools that enhance interactive features for any online store, and of secure and bug-free products to increase online traffic.

Front-end development can be a challenging task, as the tools and techniques used for the creation of the front end of a website are consistently subject to alteration, so as to keep up with the ever-updating online requirements of the modern web.


The Importance of Front-End Development

Front-end development is not only notably important for web development, but it is also constantly upgrading so as to provide the best experience for users and the latest technologies and frameworks for developers. Some of the advantages provided by front-end development comprise of the following:

  • Front-end development offers fully secured coding, so that the functioning of the website will not be troublesome on any browser.
  • It affords users speedy development and user-driven results by employing select modern frameworks. Plus, the time needed to get everything up and running can be markedly shorter.
  •  Front-end developers are provided the latest technical updates, which enable them to achieve the ultimate power-up for a website that can help it respond and react with a quick efficiency, consequently improving the quality of work significantly.
  •  The latest updates allow for layers that make the technologies easy to learn, use and scale
  •  Frameworks offered to front-end developers will provide powerful features and layouts for development of an efficient and functional website with the help the default styles that are available.
  •  It affords developers with real-time programming, so that they can keep an eye on all changes to the browser without the threat of losing the status of application, or the need for repetitive loading of web pages.


The Process of Front-End Development

After having gained a thorough comprehension of the requirements of the company, the brand identity and voice, and their target demographic, the development team at Digicoms begins with the processing of acquired data to put into action the strategies that were carefully planned prior. The developers will take the set of requirements and a mockup from the UI/UX development process, and create the image by employing coding languages, each with its own set of functions:

  • HTML
    It provides overall framework of how the site will look, affording developers the use of hyperlinks (text that links to another webpage). The markup language implies that text can be converted to images, tables, links, etc.
  •  CSS
    This controls how your website looks by maintaining style sheets that are sort of layered atop other style rules, and are triggered based on other inputs like screen resolution and size of the device.
  •  JavaScript
    JavaScript can convert a static HTML page into a dynamic interface by manipulating a web page in reaction to happenings like user input. Moreover, it can retrieve content from the web and respond to server-side events, consequently transforming the web page experience for the user into a dynamic one.

Lastly, our developers will test the code and check for compatibility across a number of browsers and a variety of devices, so that it has a vast outreach and consistently efficient functioning.


Why opt for front-end development?

Front-end development is arguably the most significant part of web development, making it extremely lucrative for brands to opt for. It is what helps the development process of websites to provide a thoroughly productive experience for users. When the users are satisfied, the company booms. In the competitive environment of online marketing, the use of front-end development by businesses is increasing rapidly. And understandably so, as this not only improves practicality of a site, but also boosts web traffic and sales. When the user experience is optimal, the brand is seen as more genuine and thus trustworthy. With our team of professional developers having significant problem-solving skills, Digicoms is your best bet at establishing a platform for digital representation for your business. Because we ensure that your presence is marked in the technological world, without losing the essence of your brand identity.