What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system- or, in easier terms, a software for web publishing- which was originally created as a platform for publishing blog posts. It has now grown to include other kinds of web content as well, like media galleries, online stores & an addition of mailing lists. It is in use of more than 60 million websites, being one of the most popular content management system solutions.

It is an ever-growing platform, a fact that can be tracked by observing its own rise in significance: it was released in 2003 as a modest space to publish blogs, & yet at present it powers more than 35% of the entire web.

What does it do?

Being an open source software, WordPress enables anyone with basic internet skills to build websites. However, without proper know-how of technical language, like HTML, JavaScript & CSS, your website could very well only remain a platform of pretty aesthetics & haphazard plug-ins.

The first thing WordPress does is load a configuration file, which contains your WordPress database information & sets global variables for a WordPress site. It then sets up default constants, like maximum file sizes, upload locations, etc. The next step would be to load the advanced-cache.php file & the wp-content/db.php file, provided they exist on your site. WordPress will proceed to connect to the MySQL server & select the database. If it is unable to connect to the database, it will display an error pop-up & quit right away.

Let’s stop for a while.

Did all of this information make sense to you? Or did it seem like an annoying onslaught of nonsensical scribbles?

If either, this might be a good opportunity to relay that the processes behind the scenes are not even halfway done yet. That is why Digicoms offers to take this burden off of our clients, & presents a professionally-trained team with thorough knowledge of server side programming language for your assistance.

What is a WordPress developer?

Essentially, it is a professional who develops WordPress plugins. However, when you get right down to it, there isn’t a definite meaning behind the term.

So, while the definition of a WordPress developer is one that can be debated upon, let us say it is a professional who deals with WordPress development services. WordPress development can be understood as a profession based on the infrastructure of PHP programming, & a deep & exhaustive understanding of WordPress & the common practices that contribute to the production of valuable products based on the WordPress platform.

The Importance of WordPress

Despite being among the highest sought after platforms for building a website, one may wonder still why they would choose to use WordPress. Or, perhaps, if they actually can. This is when we would advise to keep in mind how competitive a stage it offers marketers, & what a large audience it brings them into contact with. Being an open source management system can have many benefits to it, including that all these users can create a challenging market & that it proves that WordPress can cater to everyone.

Of the advantages of opting for WordPress services, the following are included:

  • WordPress is a budget-friendly way to establish a place for your brand in the online market.
  • It provides the website owner full control in the ability to customise content to fit their brand image & identity with a wide range of choices in aesthetics.
  • It allows the website owner complete authority over content, not placing any restrictions on what they can or cannot do
  • With WordPress services, marketers need not fear any loss of information, unlike some other publishing platforms. It lets its users import data from other forums to your WordPress site, & export data from your WordPress site to other platforms whenever you choose.

Why Opt for a WordPress Development Service?

WordPress makes building a website quite easy, so that a relative layman could do it with great ease himself. However, considering how competitive the platform can get because of it being an open source content management system, opting for professional WordPress development services can help your website stand out. With their technical know-how, our team at Digicoms can help clients popularise their websites & increase their rankings in the online market. Understanding your brand identity & target demographic, analysing the market & top competitors, & remaining up to date with all the latest trends make our team the best choice to assist you in developing your WordPress site in the best quality. Not only that, but they would develop plugins & customise them to complement your brand aesthetic, keeping note of your customers’ needs & preferences. At Digicoms, we ensure you get the best from the best, maintaining quality services throughout the entire process.

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