Importance of Custom Web Designs

Web designs can ensure the introduction of select features for a website, like font style, text size & variation, background color, content placement, etc. Businesses can buy off-the-shelf templates, but no editing or alteration can be made to it. Custom designs do not limit you in such a manner, & are thus more preferable.

The importance of customizing web designs can be understood in the benefits they provide:

  • Web designs are customized to personalize the website according to the brand identity. It is a cost-effective way to improve the way your brand is presented. First impressions are important, as redundant as the idea may come across. Up until 2017, stats showed that 94% of site respondents mistrusted or rejected a website. Most of them citing issues directly related to web design. Hence, just like it is considered priority to decorate the physical space of your business, due attention should be given to designing & developing a business’ online space as well.
  • With the perfect custom web design, you website can be SEO optimized & search engine friendly. Apt code can be built to improve the functioning of your website. Moreover, professionals can help boost your site’s exposure to search engines, helping your brand’s website rise in rankings.
  • A custom web design would help your brand stand out from the rest. It builds your brand a quality presence in the market, & uniquely projects your brand identity to your target demographic. It sets you apart from your competitors, & in a good way.
  • It makes use of the aims & requirements of your business, & consequently builds the most ideal & relevant structure, flow & user experience to help your customers reach a call to action.


The Web Designing Process


We first work with the client to identify what they outcomes & objectives they aim to achieve with the web design, consequently determining the scope of the project. In other words, we will discuss with the client their goals & preferences, & then plan what features to add to the web design to fulfill those goals. We will make sure to keep in mind your target audience, so as to ensure the web design is relevant to their interests & keeps them engaged. Plus, it should be definitive of your brand identity, & should specify your brand’s voice.


Using the information discussed in the previous phase, our team formulates an optimal strategy. They used that strategy for creating a customized web design according to the brand’s preference. In addition to bringing to fruition said preferences, this phase involves the delivering of a visual representation & a documented site structure; giving significant form to the website. Tools employed for the improvement of visual brands include style tiles, moodboards & element collages.


Then comes the majority of the uploading of content & the programming involved in completing the website outlook. With constant tests along the way, our team makes sure to keep the code organised & commented for the site to take full shape. Moreover, we ensure that the content created is produced constantly, & is SEO friendly.


Giving the website a thorough review, final polishing of design elements is done to prepare the site for the public. Furthermore, deep testing is carried out to gauge interactivity & site features, & user experience is taken into consideration. The website can be transferred to its permanent web server at this stage, as a test run in the production environment is the best way to identify any errors & determine what changes need to be made to the web design.

Keeping Tabs

Lastly, we close the project & hand off the site to the client. We continue to keep track of any support or maintenance that may be required down the line. We also offering assistance for any errors that may need correction.

Why Get Custom-Built Web Designs?

Custom web designs define brand identity, establishing it in & of itself an expression that communicates with their audience. The Digicoms team offers its clients support from start to finish, so as to help them establish their individual voice in the digital market & stand out from among their competitors.


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