Gourmet Treats by Kaur is a home kitchen situated in India, offering an extensive menu with both traditional and foreign cuisines. Wholesome and familial, they cater to a variety of tastebuds – and that is what their brand represents.

Whitening Strips

A growing Oral Care company in the UK, Bryt offers products like whitening toothpaste and whitening strips.


Moving past the concept of “training for training sake”, ELA Training Services is a service provider located in the UK and Dubai, offering a number of apprenticeship programmes and short courses for learners coming from a number of industries.

ashmont website

A UK-based real estate company, the Ashmont Group catering to a wide variety of clients, from developers to investors, using their global expertise to help with a range of real estate assets (be they student accommodation or buy-to-let or hotel investments).


Sandmark Ventures is an Indian brand that offers equipment for construction-relevant tasks. This equipment can be rented or used for reselling. Always on the lookout for technological innovations to improve construction processes, Sandmark has been one of the leading brands in the Indian industry.

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