What is SEO & How it Works

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing online traffic to a website by improving its position in the search engine results page (or SERPs, for short). Chances are that you may have come across the term SEO or SEO services. But what is SEO, really?

This is a significant online marketing strategy because there’s a reason why one of the most relatable quotes on the internet is, “If it’s not on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist.” Besides that, high-ranked sites are normally considered more authentic & trustworthy- because the idea is that if it’s on the top, it must have some credibility to it.

No matter how hard you work on your website, it is essentially inexistent if it does not reach an audience, let alone your target audience. It would be akin to putting up gigantic, bright banners in Antarctica- while the banners are perfectly designed, they are not strategically placed. SEO is, therefore, a good promotional tool to establish a brand’s online presence.

Unlike PPC, SEO services target unpaid traffic, also called natural or organic results; which may devise from different types of searches, including image search, video search, news search, academic search & industry-specific vertical search engines. It takes into consideration how search engines work; making note of the computer-programmed algorithms that direct search engine behavior, common internet searches, the LSI keywords (phrases semantically related to a topic) &/or the exact keywords typed into search engines, & the preferred search engines of the target audience.

Why SEO?

Let’s face it: if a website is not easily accessible, you normally wouldn’t waste clicks on searching for more. So, bringing your site in the top results is supremely important for your position in the digital market. This is what makes Search Engine Optimization so significant.

Further benefits of SEO include, but are not limited to:

  • Attracts quality traffic for your website
  • Generates an adequate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It is cost effective
  • Increases site visibility 
  • Helps surge in brand awareness 
  • Maintains the authority of a website 
  • Dictates relevant traffic & leads 
  • Affects a rise in trust & credibility of website
  • Aids website optimization


The Process of SEO

The first step of Search Engine Optimization is understanding the online space to your brand’s name. We will conduct an exhaustive analysis of the website to gauge which elements can influence & impact your SEO performance. This is a necessary step carried out to ensure the avoidance of a high bounce rate & losing a potential customer or client. Our technical team detects & resolves any back-end issues, &/or complex algorithms that may affect the performance of a website.

Then, we come to one of the main focuses of SEO services:

Content Writing

Content is the main ingredient when it comes to the ranking of a website. To maintain a permanent position on a search engine, it must have useful content that is updated regularly. We start off with understanding your brand’s voice & story, as we believe that the content we provide you should be true to your brand identity. To ensure as much, we will offer you a first draft for you to direct how you would prefer your content to be. Once thoroughly communicated, we construct content with due consideration to your target audience & SEO practices. After all, content optimization is of key importance.

Good content is something that is engaging for the readers. A brand cannot survive having alienated the very people it is trying to approach. Therefore, content writers have to make sure that they deliver a significant amount of information- in accordance with the brand’s voice & recommended SEO practices- in a way that attracts & acknowledges the readers.

Monitoring the Rankings

The loss of rankings reflects poorly on a website’s quality. Rankings are seen as evidence of the success of optimization- or lack thereof. Maintaining ranking requires constant effort & attention, & thus can be a tedious process, especially with the competitive market of the present. Keeping all of this in mind, as part of the SEO auditing process, we regularly monitor rankings for keywords. Using a fixed keyword set comprising of relevant terms has been proven as an effective method of monitoring rankings.

Monthly Reports

Website optimization takes time & includes phases that require constant technical support. We believe in being accountable to our clients & providing them regular updates. That is why we keep them in the loop by sending them monthly reports on any progress or minor change affected to their site.

This comprehensive monthly report includes keywords rankings, analysis on the traffic, techniques implemented, outcomes & the type of users; & is a guaranteed part of our offered SEO services.


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